2" x 3.5" UV coated business card
  • 2" x 3.5" UV coated business card
  • Full color front / Full color back (4/4) printing
  • Full color front / Black ink back (4/1) printing
  • Full color front / no printing on back (4/0)

2" x 3.5" - UV Business Card


See product features tab in page for more details.

Turnaround: 5-7 business days
Color: Full Color Front - Full Color Back
Quantity: 250
Thickness: 0.014"
Coating: UV both sides


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Fast shipping - 1 day ground along Western States


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This product uses basic file setup requirements.

There are 4 main areas of file setup that are required
to ensure fast delivery of your product:


Image Resolution:
300 dpi or higher 


Color Mode:


Cut Margin:
At least 1/8" 


1/8" Only

 Submitted files that deviate from these requirements may affect your product's turnaround time.


Data sheet

Paper Thickness
0.014" or 0.016"
Additional coating:
UV coated - 1 or 2 sides
Paper coating type:
Gloss coated - 2 sides
Minimum Quantity:
*Average Turnaround Time
5-7 business days (includes shipping)
*Please Note:
Turnaround Times are typical but not guaranteed
Full Bleed?
Type of Printing:
Offset - Ink