We check for 4 main things when we preflight your print files: (top)

1. Image Resolution:  All files need to be at least 300 dpi in resolution.  This includes all artwork/graphics used the file.  Taking a low resolution image and putting it into a 300 dpi file will not improve it's quality.  Resampling low resolution files to 300 dpi will not print any better.

2. Color Mode:  All files should be created and/or converted to CMYK. We will not notify you if your files are submitted in RGB.  If files are submitted in RGB, they will automatically be converted to CMYK and we will not responsible for any color shift.

3. Cut Margin:  It is important to make sure your files are set up according to the guidelines of our templates.  We require an 1/8" cut margin.  Please keep all text and critical images that you do not want as part of your bleed at least 1/8" in from the finished final cut line. We will contact you if your text or graphics are not safe.  Files submitted without cut margin will have a delayed turnaround time.

4. Bleed:  All files should have an 1/8" bleed.  This makes your file's overall size 1/4" larger in width and height. Bleeds do not cost anything extra and insure a better quality product in regard to trimming.  Files submitted without bleed will have a delayed turnaround time.
a.) Make the overall size of your product 1/4" larger in width and height than the desired trim size. For example, a 4"x4" club flyer would be setup at 4.25"x4.25".

b.) Pull all background colors or graphics to the very edge in order to create a full bleed. If your background is white or you intend on having a white border, proceed to step C.

c.) Pull all text and graphics that you do not want purposely cut off 1/4" away from all edges. This creates an 1/8" cut margin and further protects the text during the trimming process.

Bleed/Cut margin example:


Accepted File Formats:(top)

We prefer PDF's in most cases, but we will also accept JPEG, TIFF, EPS and flattened PSD. If your files are a vector format or PDF please include a .jpg proof for the front and back or request an email proof. If files can not be flattened, you must create outlines for your fonts.
A Special Note about PDFs:

We do not do any additional work on your files, so please only send flattened PDF's.  Unflattened PDF's are dangerous because text and graphics can drop out and/or additional graphic artifacts may appear.  Be mindful of transparencies, overprint and knock out. We suggest flattening your PDF and then reopening it to make sure it has retained its integrity.

Jed Black will not be responsible for font or graphic issues associated with poorly constructed PDF files.  If you are using Adobe Illustrator, you must outline all your fonts, set your blacks to overprint and your whites to knock out.  Then flatten your artwork before exporting as a PDF.  If you do not understand how to do this in AI, we recommend running an internet search.  There are a wealth of free tutorials online that show how to do this.
We do not accept:
- Publisher files
- Unflattened Photoshop files
- Microsoft Word files
- AI files (Adobe Illustrator)
- ID files (Adobe Indesign)
- GIF, PNG, or any other web page specific graphic format


CMYK Values for Rich Black Tones:(top)

It is important to note that if you build your black as a single value (ie. C:0%, M:0%, Y:0%, K:100%) then there will be a greater chance of incomplete ink saturation.  It is likely that your black will look dull and splotchy.
Designers should adhere to the following true CMYK values to get deep, rich black tones:
Cyan: 65%
Magenta: 50%
Yellow: 45%
Black: 100%



Email Proofs: They are free and are good for checking for cut margin, bleed, spelling errors and any other possible issue with graphics, ect.  They can not be used to check for color accuracy.

Hardcopy Proofs: The first hardcopy proof is free, any additional proof after that is $10.  These are better used for color issues. It is important to note color on a hardcopy proof will be 90% accurate to the final product. All our hardcopy proofs are done digitally.  We can not provide offset hardcopy proofs for premium products.  

**Color matching is not available.  Also, any proofing will affect your turnaround time.  Typically, it can add an additional 24 hours to your turnaround.**


File Repair Fees:(top)

Please be mindful of how you set up your files. If your files are not set up according to the above requirements, fees may apply.  In most cases, we can make your files print ready for a minimum fee of $25.
By meeting these requirements, you ensure a fast turnaround time.  Please feel free to contact us if you are having trouble or need assistance with file set up.  We are always happy to help.


File Orientation:(top)

We do not orientate customer's files. All files should be submitted head-to-head unless otherwise specified. Head-to-head means the front side and the back side are right side-up in relation to each other (this issue is most important with folding jobs).  If you or your graphic designer don't orientate your files correctly, Jed Black is not responsible for a reprint.

Turnaround time after rejected file(s): (top)

Failure to meet our file set up requirements will result in a delayed turnaround time.  Your turnaround time will not begin until we receive files set up according to these guidelines.